Complete Guide to Yosemite campgrounds nears Yosemite for Beginners

Yosemite National Park remains one of my favorite National Parks. It is also a place I enjoy camping whenever I have the opportunity.

Yosemite National Park is unique. If you haven’t been, you should definitely add it to your bucket list.

Yosemite National Park near has 13 camp grounds, offering a wide range of camping options.

I created this Yosemite campsite guide for beginners to help you plan your trip.

Basic Overview for Camping camp in Yosemite National Park

Before we get into details about the park or how to camping camp there, let's first review some basics about Yosemite National Park.

Where is Yosemite National Park situated?

Yosemite National Park's location is in Central California's Sierra Nevada Mountains. Yosemite lies just east of San Fransisco.

Is Yosemite's Open Year Still Available?

The great thing about Yosemite National Park, is that it is open year-round, 365 day a year, and 24 hours a days. Yosemite can be visited at your convenience.

Remember that the snow can close some roads if you are planning to visit the park in winter, spring, and fall. Yosemite may close some roads in November, May or Juni as a rule. However, there is still lots to see and do.

What are the Best Months for Yosemite National Park Visits?

Yosemite's busiest season of the year is the summer months. It is possible to count on the main attractions and all campgrounds being packed. If you don’t enjoy crowds, avoid peak season and the summer month at Yosemite.

While it may not be a problem for all, Yosemite can get as cold as the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in the winter months. You should avoid the colder months if you don't enjoy the cold.

My personal favorite month to visit Yosemite National Park, are May and September. Both these months will allow you to avoid peak summer crowds as well as the colder temperatures of winter in the park.

Even if you cannot visit the park during school, it is worth the effort. Just be aware of larger crowds at the campgrounds or attractions.

What Does it Cost To Camp in Yosemite

Camp fees in Camp 4 can be as low at $6 per night, but campsites in Yosemite range in price from $15 to $26 per day.


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